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Photographing Boutique Hotels in Mexico City

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The advice of “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” is oddly complicated. These days I often get paid to go to restaurants and hotels to take photos. If you told me I would end up here when I was just finishing up my political science degree, I would have scoffed. I love what I do but it wasn’t even in the realm of possibility back when I was in school.  It would seem to me as ridiculous as being told that I could get paid to watch Netflix, play with puppies or eat cinnamon rolls.

Photographing Mexico City Boutique Hotels

My love for hotels is a bit irrational and totally intense. I’ve learned that suggesting a different hotel for each night of a trip is the fastest way to get planning rights taken away so I strategically suggest 3 to 4 hotels per trip and try to add on as many hotel shoots to each trip as I can reasonably add in. 

For Mexico City, we ended up staying at 4 hotels and I scheduled a quick shoot at the 5th, plus stops into 2 additional hotels. I have all sorts of sneaky ways of adding additional hotel ogling to each trip agenda.

Casa Decu

Casa Decu Mexico City
Casa Decu Mexico City

My search for hotels for a trip usually starts off with “best of” lists in all the usual travel magazines and sites. Then I look at all the surrounding properties before booking anything on It’s a bit much but that’s how I stumbled across this little hotel in Condesa. The rooms felt like apartments and the hotel itself was perfectly located.

Nima House Hotel 

Nima House Hotel Mexico City
Nima House Hotel Mexico City

Sometimes I see a place on Instagram or in an article and bookmark it for some far off future trip, which was the case with the Nima House Hotel. It’s a former house turned into a 4 bedroom hotel in the Roma area. It’s worth staying a night or two here just for the lush courtyard.

Grupo Habita Properties

Last year I photographed The Robey Hotel in Chicago. It’s a great hotel in Wicker Park, a popular Chicago neighborhood that has some Airbnbs but very few hotels. Later I learned that The Robey is owned by Grupo Habita, a hotel group out of Mexico City. They have several properties throughout Mexico and the United States and I took photos at two of the Mexico City properties.

Downtown Mexico

Downtown Mexico City
Downtown Mexico City

Initially Downtown Mexico got vetoed from my list of potential places to stay in Mexico City by Eli. Sometimes spaces photograph better than they actually are in person. Occasionally, the opposite is true and that was unfortunately the case here from the photos we saw online before the trip. The rooms are huge but a bit dark so it was hard to tell in the photos just how dramatically large the rooms are in person. Anyway, we had a small snafu one night and needed to make some unexpected itinerary changes and ended up here. It all worked out for the best because the rooms were incredible. This ended up being our favorite hotel stay of the entire trip.

Condesa DF

Condesa DF Mexico City
Condesa DF Mexico City

Eli and I did not stay at Condesa DF. I had a quick shoot there but now have this at the top of my list for the next time I’m in Mexico City. The space is beautiful and bright. The location is great.

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