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A Personal Project: A Dessert Extravaganza Collaborations

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The first time Cristina and I met, it was over doughnuts.  She had just finished working on her 2nd book and her publisher kindly sent me a copy. We started following each other on social media and realized that we both live in Chicago. We also quickly realized that we both love food and especially desserts. I'm generally open to meeting up and grabbing coffee with folks but meeting up and grabbing doughnuts is on a totally higher level of delightfulness. 

Since our first doughnut get together, we've been periodically catching up over desserts. When we started chatting about working a fun collaboration project it only seemed natural to combine Cristina's lettering and my GIF making with dessert.

Fuck It

Aside from our mutual love of dessert, Cristina and I share a tendency to eye roll at internet shenanigans. We've marveled at how some internet beams of sunshine and constant positivity are surprisingly surly in person. There's a strange hilarity to meeting someone that presents themselves as constantly positive on social media, only to realize they're somewhat of a Gremlin in person. 


I'm all for enthusiasm — but when it's real. Like when you order a slice of lemon meringue pie for dessert. Or when you decide to grab an ice cream sundae on a hot day. Or when you're traveling and discover an exciting new soft serve flavor that you can't pass up even though it'll be your 3rd soft serve of the day. 

Take It

So here's our very genuine advice: live a little and go for it, especially if dessert is involved. 

Go for it

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