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My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Some product links are affiliate links but all are where I make my gear purchases. You can also find all of my photography gear recommendations here.

At the end of 2018, I contributed a couple of articles to other sites. Mostly I was asked to contribute and thought it would be an interesting experience and opportunity. Working with clients as a photographer isn’t exactly second nature to me by now but I generally know the way projects will flow. I know how to pull together my preferences and the client’s brand aesthetic to create something that’s a little me and a little them. As a writer, I’m still very much a bumbling beginner. I only know how to write like myself. 

Anyway, it was an interesting experience but afterwards, I found myself struggling to write. On this blog, I writer whatever I want and while I consider what will be helpful, the writing on here feels like an extension of me. Some of my contribution opportunities let me run with whatever I wanted to say but a few went through several rounds of heavy edits. In the end I found myself wondering “would I even say this?” and “is this me?” and “does it even matter?”. For the last month or two, I’ve been trapped in this mental riptide.

All the things I would usually do to inspire writing didn’t work and then I started to re-read some of my past posts. From week to week and month to month and year to year, I evolve and my thoughts change but I can always find a thread that feels like me in past posts. 

I don’t think of these as my best posts or even my most successful posts but I started re-reading my work by chronological order and then by page views. Anyway, here are my most popular posts from 2018. 

Traveling & Taking Better Photos with a Fujifilm Instax

When I got my Instax, I thought it would be pretty self explanatory and simple to use. There aren’t that many settings so it is sort of simple but it turned out to be a bit difficult to get a decent shot. After messing up almost an entire film pack in Hawaii, I got the hang of it but figured I’d share my blunders so others would have a smoother start. 

7 Great Places to Photograph around Chicago

I resisted writing anything about Chicago for a long while. I write about various places I travel to but Chicago is home. It seemed a tad silly but I kept getting requests from photographers visiting Chicago for spots that would be interesting to shoot. For a while I was copying and pasting the same email and eventually that morphed into this post. 

101 Food Photography Tips and Tricks

This was one of the larger posts I worked on last year along with 99 Travel Photography Tips and Tricks. It took a ridiculously long time. For a while I thought I had cleared out every single thought I’ve ever had about food photography. It’s been a few months and I now have additional ideas. 

My Photography Gear List

Photography Gear List
Photography Gear List

I’m glad this is one of my most read posts because I update it the most frequently. I usually pick up a new piece of equipment every couple of months and I explain my decision making process behind each piece of gear on this post. 

7 Tools for Food Photography

The internet is a mysterious place. I wrote this and no one read it but sometimes that’s just what happens. Then this started becoming very popular on Google. I claim no SEO expert status. I have no idea why this gets searched so often but it does and so it has somehow crept into my top 5 list. 

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