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Diversions, vol. 78

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Progress is a tricky beast. We all spend our formative years in school slowly progressing through grades, with  a ceremonial hoorah to keep us all going. Actual, adulthood life is nothing like the slow and steady progress of school! The only applicable portion of school has been group projects. Scowling at the group slacker and trying to figure out exactly how to get credit for my portion of work is the day to day usual. Plus the whole wondering if other people will hold up their end or leave me to stay up till 3am to finish the project. I think we should all have more arbitrary parades to keep us going through life as adults. Sent your taxes in on time, have a parade! Woke up, put on pants and ate a healthy breakfast, have a parade! 

Anyway aside from trying to covert everyone to the joy of dumb parades, I’ve been:

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- Sandy Noto