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Diversions, vol. 76

Mushroomstew at Happy Place

A while ago, I found this perfect, pink bench in front of a large window at The Art Institute after a long afternoon of exploring. About 5 minutes after I settled in for a rest, a guard meandered towards me to kindly inform that I was actually sitting on a piece of art! I was horrified. She was mostly amused and said that the room had been causing a lot of confusion and that a week before a toddler had been running back and forth through the middle of the piece. I wish more museums had experiential exhibits but in the meantime I’ve been loving all of the odd and wonderful shows and instagram catnip experiential things coming to Chicago like Happy Place, 29rooms and wndr museum. Anyway, recently I’ve been:

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- Sandy Noto

P.S. Pictured is my friend Ashley who you can find on Instagram or on her lovely blog, Sed Bona