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Diversions, vol. 73

Diversions, vol. 73

For years, I’ve struggled to meditate. Whenever I’d sit down, my mind would start doing cartwheels. By the end of 5 minutes, I always felt like I was trying to babysit a toddler that had just eaten a giant bag of M&Ms. There were no magical moments of calm of clarity for me. In my last diversions list, I recommended the Terry Crews interview with Tim Ferris. It was such a joy that I started to read the book he mentions throughout the interview, The Master Key System. It's very woo-woo but also the first thing that has helped me approach meditation in a way that actually works for me. I’d highly recommend giving it a read and trying out the weekly exercises. 

Aside from feeling a little more zen, I’ve been:

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- Sandy Noto