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5 Podcasts to Listen to for Photography Inspiration

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After my first month of working as a full-time photographer, I decided that I needed a dog. I hoped that a dog would give my life some forced structure so I wouldn’t be constantly running off to a shoot and then spending hours seated at my desk editing photos. Plus, I had been wanting a dog for years and with my increased schedule flexibility, I decided it was time. 

Gertie has been more than effective at getting me up and away from my desk for regular outings. There is no negotiating with her nose boops and insistent stares when it’s time for her walk. To keep her boundless energy from spilling over into insane sillies, I go on a 3 mile jog with her on most mornings. Our outings are slow with lots of stops to ogle geese and to sniff around so to keep my mind occupied, I pick a podcast for each jog. 

I’ve been on the hunt for good photography podcasts for the last couple of months. I’ve listened to 8 or 10 different podcasts over the last few months and these are my faves -


Okay. Okay. So Longform is not a photography podcast but it is my favorite and also what first started this search. Longform features various writers that chat about their careers, perspectives and processes. I’ve discovered a lot of really wonderful writing from it and have gained a lot of appreciation for the work and thought that goes into writing. While it’s not about photography, it provides a lot of insight into the creative process. Plus, I like to think that it helps me understand what writers are trying to convey a bit better and gives me new ideas for personal projects. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I decide to listen to yet another episode.

6 Figure Photographer

On my hunt for a decent photography podcast, there were a lot of duds. Just when I was about to completely give up on photography podcasts I stumbled across 6 Figure Photographer. Each episode I come away with at least one or two tips that I find really helpful. It's definitely business focused and frequently circles back to marketing, business development and various paths towards growth. 

Tinker St

Technically speaking, Tinker St. is not a podcast about photography. It’s really meant to explore the creative process of all sorts of creatives, which I discovered when I emailed the host with a few guest suggestions (look, I really committed to this quest). Either way, a large chunk of the guests are photographers. The sound quality on some of the earlier episodes is hit or miss so I’d skip forward to more recent episodes. A few photographer episodes I’ve found particularly enjoyable have been with Alice Goa, Gabriela Herman and Jessica Zolman. 

Full Time Photographer

One of my complaints about most photography podcasts is that they’re often very meandering. There’s a lot of chit chat that’s unfocused and not helpful. On the other hand, The Full Time Photographer podcast covers a list of topics and it doesn’t mess around. Sadly there hasn’t been a new episode since February 2016 but there’s still a chunk of old episodes to listen to. They move quickly and are right to the point.  

The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show is definitely not a photography podcast and doesn’t really need another recommendation considering that it’s one of the most listened to podcast shows out there. Nonetheless, I’m adding it on. There’s a wide range of guests and topics. I’ve found some episodes deeply helpful for thinking about creativity in different ways. The Terry Crews episode was particularly good. Many of his interviews tend to be very long so they're great for road trips.