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3 Photographers to Follow

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After weeks of long and lazy winter evenings, I find myself drawn to calm and contemplative work. These days I’ve been bookmarking soft peachy photographs, quiet portraits and interesting studio work. Here are 3 photographers I’ve been visiting for inspiration these days. 


Camila Gutiérrez. It's not all cats.

Camila has a beautiful range of images with lots of soft blues and peachy pinks and while I really, really love this cat photo it's actually mostly portraits and lifestyle.


Betina du Toit. All of the portraits.

Creating these sorts of calm and beautiful portraits is incredibly difficult. I know this because I've been on the hunt for inspiring portrait photography and every time I think I've found a great new photographer, I realize it's actually a "curating" account. It's the quiet consistency that's so challenging.


Kelsey McClellan. Provactive stillives.

I've been seeing what I call the "snack series" for a while now. It keeps popping up everywhere. I started following Kelsey's work a little while ago because of a totally unrelated project and was pleasantly surprised to discover that she had also put together this "snack series".