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My 4 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

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I edit most of my photos in Lightroom (or Photoshop if I need to make additional touchups) but occasionally when I’m working on a project that requires a very quick turnaround or I'm working on something just for fun, I edit my images on my phone. Also, when I worked as a Digital Media Manager at One Off Hospitality and oversaw the photography and social media for 8 restaurants, I did most of the editing work on my phone as I traveled between restaurants. So whether for fun or out of necessity, sometimes I edit an image from start to finish on my iPhone. These days editing apps are incredible and several of them can process raw photos so I don't feel like the end result is lackluster. Here are the top 4 apps I use for photo editing.  


If you have a nearly perfect photo but there’s one annoying little thing that you just want to get rid of, then retouch is the perfect app for those situations. That bit of trash on the ground, the smudge on a table, that annoying person that walked into your frame and wouldn’t move, all gone. For commercial projects, I make these sorts of adjustments in Photoshop but for personal use I go with  retouch. You just brush over whatever you want gone and that’s it! Sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly but usually if you undo, brush over a smaller area and try again, it works. 

retouch app_sandynoto.png
retouch app.png

Occasionally, I reflect on how tedious this process used to be and am amazed at how far photo editing tools have come. When Photoshop introduced content aware fill, I thought it couldn't get any easier than that but here we are. 



This is my go to app for 90% of the photo editing that I do. Maybe 95%. I use it all the time. When I was at One Off, I had specific filters for each restaurant account in order keep a very distinct but also cohesive look for each account. For myself, I have a few preferred filters but generally go with whatever feels right. 

vsco app_sandynoto.png


Snapseed is Google’s photo editing app and it has an incredible range of tools. I keep it on hand because their perspective fixing tools are by far the best. It auto fills in bits of the image that get lost because of the perspective fixing. Sometimes, you still need to crop in but often it's good to go without any additional tweaks. You can make vertical and horizontal adjustments to all of your images. 

snapseed perspective_sandy noto.png


Both Priime and VSCO have products for lightroom and apps for your phone. For some reason, when I’m on my computer I tend to more heavily use the Priime presets. I personally feel that they’re a bit more subtle. On the phone though, I almost always edit with VSCO.