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5 Incredible Places for a Destination Wedding

As a travel obsessed photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some extremely beautiful places that were a dream to photograph and would be perfect for a destination wedding or engagement session.  Really these are incredible places to visit for whatever reason resonates with you.


This is hands down one of the most naturally beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. When I road tripped around Iceland, I was tempted to stop every 10 minutes to take photos. Dramatic landscapes and waterfalls for days make this an incredible country for photos. The weather can be a bit rough but as long as you pack appropriately, it’s not too much of a problem. I did have to run and hide in the car a few times from sleet and insane gusts of wind but the weather changes so quickly that in 15 minutes it would go from snow storm to sunny. Bonus: the most adorable fuzzy horses.

A few things to bookmark for your Iceland adventure:

  • Ion Hotel
  • Black sand beaches of Vik
  • The glacier lagoon
travel_sandy noto-4.jpg
Soft mossy ground in Iceland
Iceland's glacier lagoon
The incredible, abandoned plane on the black sands of Iceland. Photographed by Sandy Noto.


Getting to Mexico is relatively painless (compared to Thailand or Indonesia). You can go as luxe or as bohemian as you want and there are a lot of affordable options for hotels that are still really nice. Specifically, Tulum has some of the beaches I’ve ever been to with incredible sunsets. Besides the beaches, Mexico also has incredibly beautiful, rustic buildings and small towns. Aside from spots on the Yucatan Peninsula, I’m also intrigued by Puebla, Mexico City and Guadalajara for future trips. Bonus: delicious tacos and margaritas. 

On my list for the next time I'm in Mexico:



This year I visited Scotland for the first time and was incredibly charmed. It’s an easy country to visit. The food is tasty, there’s tons of Scotch and the landscape is beautiful. The range of possibilities for photos is incredible. There are lots of castles that are lovely and regal and available for overnight stays or for events. Then, there are also tons of charming farming cottages, especially on the Isle of Skye. Plus there are lots of places for nice hikes with beautiful, natural scenery. Bonus: no language barrier. 

A few of my favorite spots:

scotland_sandy noto-16.jpg
scotland_sandy noto-19.jpg


Unlike my suggestions up to this point, if you’re starting out from the States, a safari will be a trek! Once you’re there, it's totally worth it. I never thought of going on safari as something one would do for an engagement or wedding until I saw these photos. What an incredible idea. There’s several countries in Africa that have safaris. I’ve personally been to Botswana but South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia are also popular. Bonus: Elephants!  

A few things I’ve bookmarked:



A destination engagement shoot or wedding doesn’t always have to include a passport and a stash of zithromax. California is full of gorgeous corners that make for a perfect backdrop for portraits or events. From the coast to Yosemite to the desert, California has tons to offer. If you, like me, live somewhere with a cold winter then finding an excuse to head to California in December is always good. Bonus: the best produce in the United States, especially during the summer. 

Some particularly nice locations to think about:

  • Yosemite 
  • Joshua Tree National Park