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Diversions, vol. 63

After my success with becoming more assertive last year, I decided to set some goals for myself again at the start of 2017. One goal was to get healthier and the other was to become more independent professionally. Last year my cholesterol finally caught up with me so I’ve been working out more regularly and eating balanced meals. I can finally do more than 5 burpees in a row. As for becoming independent, at the start of this summer I decided to officially go off on my own and incorporate, so Sandy Noto Photography is officially a legit entity. It’s been fun and stressful and extremely educational. Everyday, I face my limitations and try to push past them a tiny bit, sometimes it works and sometimes I fall on my butt and have to dust myself off.

I’ve had a bit less time than usual for diversions so it has taken me a while to build up a list. Recently, I’ve been:

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