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4 Great Resources for Photography and Business

Some product links are affiliate links but all are where I make my gear purchases. You can also see just the product list here.

Dynamic symmetry 

Many photographers are a bit secretive about their process, editing, equipment and approach to photography. Thankfully, a few photographers consistently share interesting insights about their images. One of my favorites is Luisa Brimble, who frequently does image composition analysis in her Instagram stories. Her analysis has really pushed me to think about composition more actively instead of shooting on instinct. She recently guided me towards The Art of Composition, which is 300 pages of notes for different approaches toward composing a painting or photograph. While it left me feeling like I was trying to dog paddle my way through the deep end, I had so many A-HA moments about things I look for in photos.


Another photographer that I’ve recently started to follow because of his tendency to shed a bit of light on his approach is Ben Sasso. He has a free mini course on lighting that was a nice refresher about types of light. Plus it’s always good to learn how other’s think about light. The other classes aren’t free. I respect the hustle but haven’t tried the classes so can’t quite comment on whether or not they’re worth the price.  

Lightroom presets 

I LOVE presets. Basically anything that makes life a little easier and smoother is awesome in my book. I sort of assumed all photographers use Lightroom and use presets but apparently not. My favorite photography presets are by VSCO but I have whole list of other presets and plugins that are on my radar:

Mastin Labs

Tribe Archipelago


Edited with VSCO film in Lightroom

Edited with VSCO film in Lightroom

VSCO app on the iPhone

VSCO app on the iPhone

If you think presets are ruining photography and creating excessive sameness, I understand. I’m glad that I learned how to edit my photos before I started to use presets so that they compliment my workflow instead of propping up all of my editing. That said, I’m also a huge believer in grabbing ahold of technology and finding ways to use it in my work instead of railing against every new innovation. Things change and personally I think that’s part of the fun. 

Best Self journal 

Going off on my own was a bit scary at first. Each day felt like a huge blank page that I somehow had to fill up. The Best Self journal has really helped me figure out how to structure my time and effort based on my goals. I’m now obsessed with this journal and am tempted to get one for everyone I know. Writing out my goals, breaking them down into achievable chunks and structuring each day so I’m making progress has given me so much clarity.