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9 Tips for Being a Good Member of the Photography Community

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As we close out the year, it's important to reflect on our accomplishments. Whether it was your first year freelancing or your tenth, no two are ever the same. Some years your stocking is full of gold, other years it’s just coal. Yet, we get by through our own strength and by leaning on the support of those in our community. With that in mind, we thought we'd reach out to some kind and generous photographers to gather 9 tips for being a good member of the photography community. Have any we missed? Leave a comment and let us know!

Build a small network of trusted photographers who shoot different things/styles. I can't take on every project, so I'd rather recommend someone than simply say "no thanks."
-Nick Uliveri,

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Collaboration is so key for building ties within your community and pushing your personal creativity. By collaborating you will learn new techniques, ways of thinking and challenge your creative perspective.
-John Thompson,

Don’t be a jackass! Whether it’s a question someone asks you about your process or a favor that is reasonable, be willing to help. We’ve all been there and needed a little help.
-Marc Moran, @marcmoran

Never burn unnecessary bridges... you never know when a small recommendation will lead to a life changing opportunity.

Get off the internet. Support your friends or just artists you admire IRL - go to their shows, buy their books / zines, attend their events.
-Duncan Wolfe,

Share the work, share the knowledge. Just being open and not selfish will come back to you in so many good way. Don't look at photography as a competition.
-Alina Tsvor,

Check in periodically with other photographers. It's easy to feel isolated since so much of the work is solo but it's important to stay connected. Take time to celebrate each other's successes.
-Sandy Noto, @sandy.noto

Trust your instincts. If an opportunity or project doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Don't accept everything that comes your way, being picky is fine.
-Michael Salisbury,

Focus on telling a story with your images. Far too many times photographers focus on making a single beautiful image the goal. When instead I think the biggest goal and obstacle is making a series of images that tell you something about the person, the collection, or the brand, that a single image can't.
-Ryan Plett,, @ryanplett