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20 Photographers to Follow

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Every now and again, I stumble across a photographer and become quite smitten with their work. For days, I’ll think about some image they’ve taken or some aspect of their style. Back in the day when Instagram made everything chronological, it was easy to keep track of everyone I found inspiring. I could scroll through old likes or recent follows and quickly find that one person that takes…crazy landscape photos…avant-garde food photos…or whatever it was that caught my eye. These days, nothing on Instagram is chronological and it’s surprisingly difficult to keep track of photographers I find inspiring. After I follow them, their work will surface at the top of my feed for a few days and then it slowly slips away into some sort algorithm black hole.

These are the photographers I've been going back to regularly these last few weeks for inspiration. Some of them are new to me and some are old friends but they get me thinking about photography and my work: 

  1. Penny De Los Santos - been following her food photography for about 10 years now & it is continuously inspiring.

  2. Eric Wolfinger - his black and white instructional photographs in Tartine Bread inspired me to pursue food photography.

  3. Marcus Nilsson - looking through his photos feels like stepping into a feast or a boisterous party.

  4. Alina Tsvor - a friend and the only photographer I go to when I need photos taken of myself. Alina makes everyone look incredible. Follow her instagram for weekly inspiration.

  5. Nicole Franzen - food, travel and interior photography that makes me think of a sunny afternoon.

  6. Christina Holmes - commercial photography that feels soulful.

  7. Ann Street Studio (Kevin Berg & Jamie Beck) - creators of the cinemagraph. Follow Jamie’s Instagram stories for daily inspiration.

  8. Finn Beales - his photos make the world look wide open. Also incredibly kind about answering questions.

  9. Dan Tom - I’m not sure Dan lives on the same planet as the rest of us. All of his photos look like paintings come to life.

  10. Lily Rose - Travel photographer that seems to always be on an incredible adventure.

  11. Charissa Fay - Daily life photos in New York City that feel approachable, with occasional doses of lovely travel.

  12. Christian Schaffer - Her landscape photography makes me want to pack my stuff and move to the west coast.

  13. Lauren Scotti - It’s almost difficult to believe that the weddings Lauren photographs are real. Every image is so beautiful.

  14. Asiyami Gold - part blogger/part photographer, I’m currently in love with her Instagram.

  15. Micheal Salisbury - a friend and incredibly talented portrait and architecture photographer.

  16. Lucy Laucht - travel photography that makes me want to pack a bag and hit the road right away.

  17. Ryan Plett - sometimes all you need to make a jump is to see someone else do it first. Seeing Ryan become a photographer helped me see it as a path. Go look at his portrait work.

  18. Ja Soon Kim - the most peaceful still life photographs.

  19. Aiala Hernando - avant-garde food, portrait and still-life photography.

  20. João Canziani - his photos from India inspired my interest in travel photography a few years back.