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My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

At the end of 2018, I contributed a couple of articles to other sites. Working with clients as a photographer isn’t exactly second nature to me by now but I generally know the way projects will flow. As a writer, I’m still very much a bumbling beginner. I only know how to write like myself. 

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7 Places to Photograph Around Mexico City

The first 2 days in Mexico City, Eli and I found ourselves feeling underwhelmed. All the recommendations we received for the trip were extraordinarily enthusiastic. The emails we got were all caps with lots of exclamation points. A few folks may have even uttered the words “best food city in the world”. It gave us unrealistic expectations. 

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How to Run Social Media for Restaurants

For a year, I was responsible for all of the imagery, social media and digital presence for 8 restaurants. It was a bit of a impossible job because it is incredibly difficult for one human to be in 8 places at once. Either way, I did it and did it decently well and so to this day I still get emails asking if I’d do the photography and social and digital for this restaurant or that bar.

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