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Commissioned Projects

Commissioned Projects

St. Ives

I worked on creative content for Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, with a particular focus on content to help St. Ives lauch their Tumblr page in 2014. My work on behalf of St. Ives culminated in one of the most shared posts of 2015 on Tumblr, which was then covered in Adweek


I love travel so this project for Mastercard, which highlighted how they can make travel easier, was a joy to work on. It also gave me the opportunity to delve through my photo archive from trips to Hong Kong, Iceland, Madagascar and Bali. 


In 2015, I worked on a campaign for Verizon that was segmented into three different concepts: limitlessness, art and pairs. 

Old Navy

Fall 2015 was all about the poncho, which actually turned out to be incredibly fun to GIF. 

U.S. of Women