photography, cinemagraphs & digital strategy

About Sandy Noto

 Photography, GIFs, cinemagraphs & videos for brands, publications and creative agencies.


Besides being at home with my husband and pets, I am happiest out in the world with a camera in hand. I'm a photographer and multi-media artist. My work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and Food & Wine among other publications. I've also worked on campaigns for MasterCard, St. Ives and Old Navy.

On the internet, you can find me at Adventures Once Had, a tumblr where I share photography outtakes and internet obsessions. Or at Adventures Create where I chronicle my travels and chat with other inspiring travelers. Or day to day on Twitter or Instagram.  

Off the internet, you can find me crushing on restaurants, researching my next trip, hanging out with my husband or taking too many photos of my pets.  

If you'd like to work together, talk travel or send me a fun internet diversion shoot me an email at 

- Sandy Noto